HSCI’ membership is open to all persons and institutions actively involved or committed to the improvement of Science Education.


In an open and friendly atmosphere we will share each other ideas and experiences respecting all diverse points of view and supporting ourselves the educational community and the society, in a voluntary and committed effort to improve Science and technology Education, in respect of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, towards a better future for Humankind.

HSCI’ membership is free (both individual and institutional memberships) and we just expect you to continue been active and committed to the promotion of science literacy and the improvement of science education, and share your ideas experiences and activities with our fellow members (http://www.ijhsci.info/hsci-registration/index.php/submission and or through and conferences publications and meetings). Membership is valid for a period of two year automatically renewed provided that you make, in the two year period, at least one contribution to HSCI (ie, presenting a work in one of our conferences, submitting through our electronics submission system an experiment guide, a report of an activity, or the announcement of an activity you plan to organise, or just sharing a sought a question or a concern. All contributions will be most welcome as, certainly, it will help all of us in our daily effort of improving Science Education!)

After your online registration please upload your first contribution to HSCI at http://www.ijhsci.info/hsci-registration/index.php/submission . You may also email us (membership[at]hsci.info) saying how you would like or plan to be involved at the Hands-on Science Network.


The Associação Hands-on Science Network is a non-profit organization legally registered in Portugal. With a broad open understanding of the meaning and importance of Science to the development of our societies, each individual and of the humankind, the main goal of the Hands-on Science Network is the development and improvement of science education and scientific literacy by an extended use of investigative hands-on experiments based learning of Science and its applications.


Associação Hands-on Science Network, Rua 1º de Maio, 2, 2º, 4730-734 Vila Verde, Portugal, contact[at]hsci.info / president[at]hsci.info